DWQ Associates. Investment banking since 1982. RI.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Sales, Divestitures

DWQ Associates, Ltd. has been providing confidential, independent, objective advice to buyers and sellers since 1982 in all areas related to mergers, acquisitions, sales and divestitures. Our experience in well over 100 transactions includes transfers of family ownership, outright sales, divestitures of a portion of a company, leveraged buyouts, joint ventures and estate settlements. As an intermediary in a transaction, DWQ Associates can establish a realistic value and create and manage the process to achieve the desired objective, while allowing management to concentrate on running their business.

Services Provided for Sellers:

•  Determination of seller's goals and objectives
•  Establishment of valuation ranges
•  Preparation of a confidential information memorandum
•  Prequalification of a buyer’s or investor's financial capacity
•  Identification of and discreet contact with the most suitable potential
•  Assurance of maximum confidentiality
•  Coordination of exchange of information
•  Assistance in negotiations
•  Structure the transaction to maximize the seller’s return
•  Expedite the transaction while minimizing operational disruption

Services Provided for Buyers:

•  Determination of acquisition objectives
•  Design of formal acquisition program
•  Industry research
•  Identification of potential acquisition candidates
•  Initiate confidential contact
•  Analysis of acquisition candidate
•  Establish valuation ranges
•  Assistance in negotiations and capital structure advice
•  Placement of debt or equity

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