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Private Placements

Many clients require capital to expand or restructure their existing business, to make an acquisition, or possibly to provide liquidity to shareholders through a stock buyback or a special dividend. DWQ Associates, Ltd. can help develop the most appropriate capital solution to meet corporate objectives. Its professionals then help source, structure and negotiate the most favorable terms on the newly-invested debt or equity capital. As a result of the vast experience of its principals, DWQ Associates has extensive contacts in the debt and equity markets and has an intimate understanding of the investment criteria of these capital sources. Each debt or equity placement requires a unique approach to satisfy the specific needs of both client and investor. Each placement also demands an experienced perspective on the valuation issues that are fundamental to every investment of new capital.

DWQ Associates has the experience and resources to:

•  Value the company to establish cost parameters
•  Analyze projections of sales, profit, cash flow and working capital requirements
•  Develop and implement a corporate financial strategy
•  Prepare a comprehensive business overview
•  Identify and provide access to appropriate sources of capital
•  Evaluate financial alternatives

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