DWQ Associates. Investment banking since 1982. RI.

About Us Overview

DWQ Associates, Ltd. is an independent, private investment banking firm founded in 1982 to assist middle-market and small companies with strategic transactions and capital accumulation initiatives. The principals of the firm have extensive M&A and corporate finance experience and an established network of contacts.

Our firm's mission is to provide the highest quality advice and execution expertise to our clients as they strive to meet their financial objectives. DWQ Associates, Ltd. works professionally and discreetly to develop, analyze and present options to its clients so that they can reach an informed decision. The most critical element of this process is determining the most realistic, fair value at which a transaction can be completed. Our many years of practical, real world valuation and transaction experience provide a solid foundation for determining a reliable, objective opinion of value. DWQ Associates, Ltd. then provides assistance in structuring and negotiating a transaction and making sure it is completed on the most advantageous terms and in a timely fashion.

As investment bankers, DWQ Associates, Ltd. is a key member of a companyís team of financial advisors, including itís accountant, attorney and commercial banker. Our firm's reputation with our clients and these advisors is our most precious asset.

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